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Are You New to Our Service? Here Are Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions!

A landscape is something that looks nice, and not just that, it can make a home look more attractive to people passing by and make it worth more money if the owner wants to sell it. However, it is difficult to accomplish when you are beginning with nothing. If you need assistance with your landscaping, you should hire a professional landscaper like Velasquez Landscaping & Masonry Inc in Greenport, NY. The goal of this article is to give you and our readers all the information you need to make a smarter choice about using our services.

How do I find a landscaping company that I can rely on?

To make sure you’re hiring a reliable company, it’s a good idea to ask your friends, neighbors, and coworkers if they have ever dealt with any businesses that they think highly of and would suggest to you. Looking at online reviews and business websites is a great way to find out about the types of projects a company has worked on. Once you have chosen a few options, you can arrange to meet with each company for a discussion. In this method, you can learn more about what they believe in and what they provide, and then choose the one that fits your project needs the most.

When should I get a landscape service done?

Masonry landscaping changes all year round. April is usually the best time to get gardens ready and plant flowers, as well as begin hardscaping projects. Most important landscaping and hardscaping projects are done during the summer when construction is happening. Planting trees and plants during the fall is a great idea because the weather is cooler. During autumn and before the ground becomes frozen or snowfall begins, hardscaping is also completed. A previous project that started in the late summer can also be completed. We can build the patio, walkways, fireplaces, and other hardscaping features. We can also plant trees and plants. Contact your landscaping specialist during the winter to make sure your project gets done on time. It is better to schedule an appointment with them early in the spring when their season starts, rather than calling later in the summer when they might not have any available slots until the season ends.

Why your services?

Our company provides reliable landscaping service. We started in 2017, but we have been in the industry for a while. We have been working for 23 years and have gained a lot of experience in the jobs that we do. We love turning a neglected land into something beautiful. And is demonstrated, because our customers are recommending us to others through spoken referrals. We are known for being reliable, honest, trustworthy, and paying close attention to details. We use very good tools, things, and machines in our work.

Why should I hire a professional?

It’s best to hire a landscaping contractor who is skilled and trained in taking care of your grass. This will be very beneficial. It will give you a great place for your family to have fun, increase the worth of your house, add oxygen to the air, and cool down the area near your home, making it easier for your air conditioner to work. Also, a healthy lawn will have sturdy roots that control the flow of water, prevent soil erosion, and keep the water that goes into the underground supply clean. Healthy grass can catch and prevent dust and dirt from entering that place.

Kindly contact our reliable company by calling (631) 313-5425 if you have any questions about the affordable front yard landscaping services that Velasquez Landscaping & Masonry Inc offers or if you would like a free estimate. We would be glad to help with your property in Greenport, NY.

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